Thread Storage

This is what's left of my thread racks in my former sewing and quilting space, since I took over the front room of our house. I didn't move them into my new quilting space.

Instead, my threads are stowed away in translucent bins and drawers.

Yes, I have a lot of thread! I'm a bit of a thread addict. And as a quilter who likes to make my free motion stitching the star of my quilts, that's not a bad thing.

Admittedly, it's not as visually stimulating to have all my thread tucked away. I do miss seeing all the beautiful colors and types of thread. But I don't miss this:

Dust! Yucky, fibrous grubbiness to cover up all the pretty color and shine. Not to mention choke up my wonderful sewing machine. I tend to choose polyester thread for its lack of lint, so why should I let it get covered in dusty lint?

Ew! So into bins I lovingly chucked my beautiful strands of stitchy fun. One day I'd love to have a very shallow, glass fronted cabinet to store my threads so I can see them but still keep them protected from the dust and UV rays which can also weaken thread.


  1. I keep my mountains of threads in plastic draws like yours too.

  2. While visiting my sister, I spied a shallow white cabinet with glass doors sitting on her basement floor? "Where'd you get that?" It was one of those over the toilet cabinets without the stand, She was throwing it away. "Put that in my trunk!" I thought there is no way I could fill that up with thread. Ha! It's full. I need another one.

  3. I use an old dresser...not pretty, but they're away from the dust and sun...and the top makes a very useful horizontal surface beside my machine ;)

  4. I know that I don't have the extensive supply you do, but DH made this for me: and it works great for keeping the pesky dust off the cones. I love seeing the colors. Hugs.............

  5. Hi Amy, I agree with you! I love my thread also! I have mine in plastic tubs with separators. I separate into cotton or polyester and by colour. But, with my growing thread addiction, I think I will have to separate the colours even more. I love quilting!!