Free Motion Quilting Adventures in Review

What happened last year? Geesh, sometimes I'm not sure what happened yesterday. But through the magic of Blogger, I know what my top posts are for the year.

It's no surprise that my How to Free Motion Quilt Series got the most reader views. If you missed them or are a bit forgetful like me, you can click on the tab above or click below:

How to Free Motion Quilt: The Set up

How to free motion quilt series.

How to Free Motion Quilt: The Basic Motion and Tension

Free motion quilting how-to on tension

How to Free Motion Quilt: The Designs

Next was my post on How to Quilt with Rulers on a Domestic Sewing Machine

free motion quilting feet

Then my How to Make a Sewing Machine Table post got a whole lot of eyes on it.

And my simple trick for Keeping Rulers from Slipping was pretty popular too.

And the last of the super popular posts, though there were many others that got great traffic, was my post on New Rulers for Free Motion Quilting, a review of the Fine Line Rulers that I like so much.

So if you haven't checked them out, you might want to! And do a hard working quilting blogger a favor and share, subscribe, pin, whatever and I will be very grateful.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year! I love your posts. They've been very helpful to me! Please keep it up! Looking forward to more great info from you!

  2. Happy New Year! And thank you very much for sharing all! Have a nice day!

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  5. Thank you for your inspiration. After seeing your earlier post on rulers I ordered a couple of straight line rulers. After playing with them a bit, I brought them to my local quilt shop and they were so impressed they have ordered some in. So much potential...