Free Motion Quilting Video: Diamond Sashing

I took another video while working on this customer's quilt. I was doing some ruler work in the sashing to make a diamond pattern. Turned out pretty good. Not as perfect as I'd like, but I'm a perfectionist.

As usual, I had a lot of fun quilting it, once I decided what I wanted to do with it. Sometimes I do a little too much "Sit and Stare" time.

In process above, the full quilt below. It's a fairly small quilt.

I played off the holly and swirls design in the blocks and made a holly, swirl, and feather thing up the sides. It was a bit too much, but once I started, it was either keep going or rip out a LOT of stitches. I kept going.

 But at the top and bottom I came up with a swag design that I love!

As I said in the video above, I marked off segments with small marks along the sashing roughly 3 inches apart. and then used the ruler to stitch the diamonds.

And the back looks pretty spectacular if I do say so myself. Way better than this photo shows.

So now to move to the next project! And get ready for Christmas, and.....whew. There's a lot on my To Do list!


  1. Thank you for another great video! I will order my ruler toe this week. All was a bit posponed due to business at work, but I hope to "go and play" with the rulers in January!
    I am soooo looking forward to it!!!
    I wish you and your family and friends Happy Holidays!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  2. Fantastic quilting job! Wow, I love your swag and your ruler work is lovely!!!

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  4. What a lovely quilt and your quilting is prefect. Thanks for all your tutorials. Have a Blessed Christmas.

  5. Your quilting is so inspiring and double so because I am also using a Janome 6600. I ordered my rulers and waiting somewhat patiently to play with them all...thank goodness for the holidays to keep me busy! I am so glad that I found your blog via Pinterest.

    1. I agree! I always love seeing an instructor with the same machine as mine. But I will admit to looking at the Janome 8200 and 8900 since they have 2 more inches of throat and no accufeed prongs behind the needle to get in the way!

  6. I'm using a Janome 7700 with the bigger throat. Love it.
    I love to see these Christmas feathers and practiced some this morning.
    I'm getting my rulers and ruler toe for Christmas and then watch out world!
    Thanks so much for all the inspiration.

  7. Your customer will love her quilt :-)

    Can't wait to play more.

  8. Such a glorious holiday quilt!! It will be much loved, I am sure!!! Your stitching is wonderful and the video worked out very well......very clear and understandable. Thanks so much!!! Christmas Blessings to you...........

  9. Thank you for the lovely design. Some free motion designs are to close making a stiff quilt. Close is good for mugrugs or wall hangings. I like a wider design for my quilts.