Video: Free Motion Quilt a Simple Feather

Finally a new video! I was working on the same purse I showed in the Adding Color to a Free Motion Quilter Doodle post of last month, and doing some quilting on the purse's side and bottom piece. Just a nice simple feather.

Some of you have asked how I shoot my videos and while I can't take a picture with the camera in place, here's a shot of the camera mount my handy husband set up for me. The camera mounts on the flat part of that metal plate closest to my machine. The mount is simply clamped onto my sewing table.

Above is a shot of a large part of the purse piece. And below is a shot of the front (or back) of the purse.

And in case you missed it, here is the video I did showing how to fill in the leaf with color.

I hope you enjoy!


  1. I enjoyed this Amy. What kind of foot is that? You get much more visibility than I do.

  2. wonderful, get so happy when i see another video up!, i like the real time action,, helps me gauge everything, on paper i am a feather master, just not on the machine, yet, Thank you for all you do and your hubby is a genius.videos look great,

  3. Great video, your motions are so smooth!

  4. I love watching your videos. I make feathers very close to your method. I still need more practice with them. Thanks for posting your videos! So helpful!