Free Motion Quilting Video: Holly and Swirls

I shot a little video while working on my current customer quilt. I'm stitching holly leaves and swirls in the pieced portion of the embroidered blocks.

I wasn't sure if it would be visible via the video, since usually I stick to contrasting thread and fabric for videos. I'm so glad to be able to kill two birds with one stone, so to say!

A still pic of the quilting above and remember this guy, below? He and his friends have been all stitched up.

The puckers around the embroidery disappeared easily as I quilted around these cool cats. I used monopoly to stitch around the embroidery so I could stitch right over the whiskers and little claws.

free motion quilting

I'm stitching a little floor for each kitty, using a few different designs. I do hope this first time customer likes what I've done!

 Are you in need of a little gag gift for your quilt guild's Christmas meeting? I saw this up at my local Janome dealer's shop! Embroidered toilet paper! I wonder if I could quilt some toilet paper with the same method? It involves several layers of TP plus some good tear-away stabilizer.

The count down to Christmas has begun! I hope I can get everything done that really needs to be done on my list without becoming too busy to enjoy the meaning behind Christmas.


  1. Yowza!! How could she NOT like it! It's adorable. Her designs were cute, but you elevated them to a whole new level! Now they have personality. I challenge Disney to create anything better!

  2. I like the way you do the stem first and then the leaf. Don't know why I didn't think of that. I usually do it the opposite way. Very interesting to watch another quilter in action.

  3. It's hard to quilt around embroidery, great job as usual. I've been thinking about your and asking your suggestions for quilting a tumbling block. It's not ready yet but will be about 30 by 50 with lots of color. of course
    LEeAnna Paylor