Web Wednesday

I am feeling a little icky today plus I have a lot of things going on this week, but wanted to get a post up today. Sharing some of my favorite finds on the web seems to be a perfect fit for following some posts on inspiration.

Like I said in my previous posts on inspiration, I try to get most of my inspiration for a new quilt from sources other than other quilt sites.

Geninne's Art Blog is so chocked full of artful inspiration and life! One day I will ask her for tips on how she homeschools two boys and yet has such a neat and sleek home! She's taking a small break from blogging (New book in the works, perhaps?) but she also puts out a free download for a digital desktop calender. You can still get yours for September.

Johanna Basford is a talented young artist in Scotland who specializes in ink drawing with a strong graphic appeal while retaining the hand drawn charm. (Something that I've been thinking on as computer-guided quilting has been growing.) Her work is full of fabulous scrolls, swirls and florals.

Janome has redone their site so it's easier to find their videos here.

Valerie at Visual Blessings makes me want to incorporate scripture and doodling into my work more often.

And since I mentioned doodling, it's appropriate that I end with a site of Zentangle designs at Tangle Patterns.


  1. Oh my gosh! That is just too adorable for words. It's like contemporary Jacobean. Love it!

    And I love that edge. I recently joined a quilt guild (I know, right? After 15 years of quilting I finally join a guild.) I have to make a name tag. I have not been looking forward to a binding on such a little thing. I'm stealing your zig zag idea. I'll give credit!

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