Cranky Quilter

My quilting mojo has gone and I'm feeling a bit off.

Maybe it's the cat vomit and the wisdom tooth that's making me out of sorts. Do you know how much a wayward wisdom tooth throbs when the Motrin is wearing off and you have to stoop down and wipe up the floor? Not fun.

Maybe it's because another long arm quilter called with an applique quilt that she thought I could do better with free motion instead of her computer guided work. When she said "king sized" I said no thanks. After we hung up, I calculated how much a king sized quilt could earn me at my quoted rate. There just might be a shoe print on my rear, or there would be if I could literally kick myself.

Maybe it's starting homeschooling back up this past Monday. Hello, new routine and slightly balking kids. "You mean we have to do 3 hours of school today?"

But in reality it's that some fairly important quilt projects are done and there just seems to be this natural creative lull. I always feel a little lost without some clear deadlines or projects lined up. I try to tell myself that it's just a natural part of my creative process.

Based on comments, it looks like I need to do a little tute on watermarking your photos before posting them online. It's really easy; if it weren't I wouldn't be able to do it. So there's a project.

And I've been playing around with a graphics program and designing an applique block. I need to make a sample to hang at Threads Run Through It to promote my free motion skills as quilter for hire  and/or teaching them how to free motion their own projects.

Ok, the Motrin is kicking in and I better get to sleep if I can. It's gonna be a long week until my dental appointment....


  1. I feel for ya girl! Will the tooth have to be pulled?

    Shared your pics with my quilting padewans and they were all duly impressed. Then I told them it was all done on a domestic machine. NOW they were REALLY impressed. Yes, ladies, it is possible to do beautiful quilting without a longarm.

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