Watermarking Images

I mentioned watermarking my own images if I'm worried they will be misused when I post them online in a previous post; What to Do With Inspiration When you Find It. That post was a follow-up to Finding and Using Inspiration.

I received a few comments asking about how to watermark images. I am not real good at it but I will tell you what I do. I am sure there's a better tutorial online to be found if you Google it. I don't know how to do screen shots of the process.

First of all I use a free online photo editor called Pic Monkey at picmonkey.com. It's pretty easy to use.

Open your photo at the picmonkey site. Choose the text option in the editor tools list to the left; it's the "P".

Choose a font (hardest part, I swear!) and type your text in the box, and move or resize with the handles. Use the text toolbox to change the size, color, etc. and most useful for watermarks, set the "fade" level. Fade is what gives a transparent effect.

Then save or download the newly watermarked pic to your computer. Ta Da! Done.

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