Ruler Work Video: Adding More Lines for More Impact

A quick reminder that today is the last day to for my 15% off Spring Fling sale at Amy's Quilting Adventures. Enter the promo code SpringFling15 at checkout and get the best prices on ruler feet, rulers, templates and more.

I'm still working on finishing up this ruler work sampler from my Craftsy class, Creative Quilting with Rulers (25% off link there!). The basic motif from the class is fabulous, but I wanted to add more to it. We couldn't pack anymore content into the class so you get to see it here. (Want to learn more about ruler work? Take my classes at Craftsy. Their camera work is so much better than my own and you can watch them whenever.)

Bit by bit I'm getting this done. I'm working on my super special project and all of you that have placed orders with me at Amy's Quilting Adventures are a huge, wonderful part of it! Yes, I'm a tease.

I can't wait until I finish the rest of these areas and then dress them up even more. Stay tuned, I'll make sure to do another video.


  1. How I enjoy your ruler work. I can only wish . . .

    1. No wishing, doing! It takes practice, and every little bit makes you better.

  2. I've sign up for both of your classes. Now to take the time to watch and DO!

  3. What type of quilting foot is that? I've never seen what that doesn't bounce up and down.

  4. That is the Janome convertible free motion foot set, which comes with an open toe, closed toe, and echo foot options. Additionally, it can be fitted with what you are seeing here, a ruler foot for use with quilting rulers.

    LOVE this foot! Quiet and height adjustable.