Fern Feather Floral Motif Finale

Here's my finished pillow top! I really like how it turned out, especially the depth and dimension it appears to have. I'm a little annoyed at myself for the background fill around the edges. It started nice and tiny but got larger and larger as I worked around the edges.

I shot video of the last bit of this project just like I did for two other parts of it, plus there's the footage of it in my newest Craftsy class, Creative Quilting with Rulers, More Techniques and Motifs. (That's a 25% off link there!) Unfortunately, after doing a great job shooting and editing the video on my iPad, I have had no success in uploading it to YouTube.

It has me completely flustered. The video and camera quality of this iPad is great, and editing in iMovie has worked so much better than what I was using before, but uploading it is an exercise in futility. My latest workaround has been to upload it to the iCloud then download it to my laptop (not an i-anything) and now I'm getting ready to upload it to Youtube off the laptop. Ridiculous!

Hopefully, I'll get it on the YouTube soon.


  1. Total #CreativeGoodness. Absolutely gorgeous FMQ.


  2. Amy a beautiful pillow top. Too pretty to put my head on! Thanks for all you do.

  3. Stunning! I too would have a hard time putting my head on it.

  4. I love it, I just put this on my bucket list for this summer:)

  5. Pillow top is lovely, great work. Have you googled 'upload video to youtube from my iPad'? It is a relatively simple process...but you must follow the steps.
    It shouldn't be causing you that much frustration.
    Carole Corn

    1. You are right, it shouldn't cause this frustration. There's a simple share to YouTube button in my app, but the videos don't load. I will look through that search query as what I've been doing sure isn't working!

  6. Gorgeous!! I need one, one more item to add to my ever growing bucket list.

  7. How frustrating for you....computers are like that at times! This pillow top is fabulous and has inspired me!
    Have a great day, Amy...don't let technology ruin it for you :)

  8. Your pillow top is beautiful! The background looks great, don't be so hard on yourself 😊

  9. What a gorgeous pillow! Hope your solve your video problems soon.