Janome Institute

Hello from San Antonio!

Would you believe there's no free wifi in my room at this very nice Marriot in beautiful downtown San Antonio?! It's making it hard to keep up with some of my work, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

I got a picture with Aurifil spokesman Alex Veronelli. I had no idea when my dealer decided to send me to this Janome training that there would be a vendor hall! I should have brought a bit more money.

Not much quilting on this trip, but we whizzed through 4 sample projects on this serger (1110DX) and the Janome 2000 Coverstitch machine.

I met up with some lovely dealers for dinner on San Antonio's famous Riverwalk. Apparently Cinderella lives here. Who knew?

It's been a great trip. But it's a little hard to take in all the information on these wonderful Janome machines (and there's 3 new models!) and plan for what looks to be next week's launch of my Craftsy class.

Stay tuned as I plan on offering a discount link here for the class!


  1. Sounds like great fun with the exception of being in a Marriott without WIFI in your room. I thought that was a basic service for a hotel chain like Marriott. How can any business traveler manage without and likewise, any traveler that wants to stay in touch with family & friends.


  2. No free wifi??? In this day and age that's ridiculous. Though I've noticed that the less-expensive hotels are the ones that typically provide free wifi, while the more expensive ones charge an arm and a leg. Makes no sense to me. :S

  3. Yay next week! Jumping up and down with excitement!

  4. Glad it was a successful trip. San Antonio has some fun places. I have a Janome, and I love it...even though it has a mind of its own! It's my first machine with all the bells and whistles, and it sure is different than working on an older machine. Looking forward to your Craftsy class!

  5. Can't believe there's no free wi-fi! Posh downtown hotel? What's with that?! Happy you got to meet Alex, and sounds like a fun time with new machines. Excitement overload with your Craftsy class too! Enjoy yourself!

  6. Hi Amy, soooo excited about the Craftsy class, is it Monday yet?...... Now?.....
    And yes hotels have a rule the more you pay the less you get! Well except for nice rooms, sometimes cookies, stuff like that. It's a bit of a trade off.

    Now is it Monday?......