Ruler Work Sampler: The Stitching Continues

Now that my studio is all tidy and ship shape (Click to see pictures of my new studio arrangement and to join in and visit the quilt studio link party I've got going on through Friday.), I'm back to doing a bit of stitching on my sampler.

ruler work on a domestic sewing machine loops and lines
The loopy filler was fun to do and a lot faster to do than the pebbles I was first considering. I will probably do back into the orange later and quilt some more in orange thread.

The sampler shows so many different uses of ruler work (using rulers to guide free motion quilting) and has been a lot of fun. It also has been a nice return to piecing, something that I don't do much of and really I enjoyed on this project.

 Look at how the markings on the circle help with the placement of the curve. The etched markings line up with the triangle in the bottom left.
 I did all the quilting on this block with the HandiGadgets VersaTool, by Handiquilter. It has 2 curves and a straight edge, plus a 90 degree corner all on the same ruler. I used the large curve and the straight edge. Some multishape rulers can be bulky and hard to handle on our smaller machines, but the VersaTool is just about the right size for shorter runs of SID and curves.

 I used this quilt in one of my lessons of my soon to be released Craftsy class, Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine. I am really hoping to get it posted as one of the first projects shared with the class on the Craftsy platform.

I decided that I don't like the continuous curves I stitched in the small squares of this block, above. So I'll be ripping them out. I only did 3 before realizing it was taking away from the piecing of this block. So it got SID and continuous curves in the 4 larger squares.

I don't think it will happen unless my release date is delayed as I leave for San Antonio in the wee hours of Tuesday for a week-long Janome dealers event. Plus I fully expect to be made an auntie sometime in  the next two weeks. But I just keep stitching when I can.

I'll be telling you a little more about my Craftsy trip from July this week and also about my plans to open an online shop so you an easily purchase the different rulers and other supplies that I use and love, all in one convenient place.

Stitch on, my quilty friends!


  1. I enjoy your demos Amy...I have the versa tool and really like it.

  2. I am so glad you are opening an online store! Searching online for various rulers can be very time consuming.

    1. Exactly! I plan to carry several brands of rulers and templates so you can buy them all in one place.

  3. Great! Now we'll be able to purchase those fun rulers in one place!

  4. Great news! I enjoy your tutorials, and will look forward to you shop opening.