Then There Were Three

I got my third block pieced yesterday and it's probably the least perfect one of the bunch but it's good enough. Probably would pass the 5 feet away test. (Can you see it from 5 feet away?) I did a bunch of ripping and re-sewing on this one, but it made barely any improvement. Several funky seams to match up and I don't have the patience to line them up precisely enough I guess.

This spot wasn't too hard to line up, but the other seam in the unit was! There was some bulk in the seams too, so I pressed the top seam open which made it harder to  line them up.

But I love this block and the white center will give me a great spot for ruler work. I'm starting to think ahead to how I want to put the blocks together. I think I'll use sashing and corner stones. I'm also thinking I might do the blocks on point, though this one would look better set straight. I'd like to have the setting triangles open for more ruler work. Maybe I want to alternate the blocks with plain ones for even more room for fun quilting.

Another block from Natalia Bonner's tutorials.

I'm also trying to decide if I want to throw a little more color into the quilt. Maybe some orange. Orange isn't really a color I use (nor red) but I've got a nice marmalade color print that would look good with the turquoise. I do love the turquoise and navy combination with the white!

I used my Clear View Quilting foot without the guide for the flying geese units and it was so much better than using my regular sewing feet. I do wish the straight stitch needle plate for my Janome 8200 had a hole for this right side where the 1/4 inch piecing setting puts the needle. I used my 'leader' to keep everything from getting sucked into the 9mm wide opening in the regular stitch plate and had no issues, but you'd think that they's make a single hole to line up for the 1/4 inch foot! My mind is wandering towards the drill....

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