Quilts of Spring Mill Village

I am at our annual family reunion this week and I thought I'd share some quilts from the pioneer village in the park. (I am writing this post on my phone during a well-earned break in my room while hubby and the kids are off doing something.

All the tables in the lodge restaurant have skinny little table runners on them! I'm not sure if they were made locally or are something that is mass produced. Our reunion moves around a little from year to year, but Spring Mill near Marshall Indiana is one of our favorites.

But the star of Spring Mill State Park is this pioneer village. Part of the buildings are original to the site and others were moved to the area to preserve them. The time period of the village is from the early 1800's to about 1860.

The water powered grist mill still works and is run every hour on the hour during the park's open hours. (My husband and youngest son are the folks in the picture.) The white that you can see above the water wheel is the water- it was running when I took this.

Several of the cabins have beautiful hand made quilts. I say cabin loosely here as the home pictured above was bigger than my cottage. Above is what I am sure is a newer quilt on an antique all-wooden frame.

Look at this appliqued baby quilt in such a beautiful cradle.

This may have been a rustic log cabin, but it is big and furnished with some gorgeous pieces!

Look at this pineapple quilt! This was in  the "nursery" across from the mill office and residence. It had wall paper over lath and plaster walls.

This is a trundle bed in the same building. On the right is a woven coverlet. Several of the cabins have looms and spinning wheels.

After we walked around the village, it was time to cool off in the creek. It wasn't too hot, but it was very humid! Coming from Virginia, that says a lot. But the creek water was numbingly cold. It didn't slow the kids down a bit. I dabbled my toes in it.

I hope you enjoyed this post; a little different from my usual posts, but I wanted to share these quilts and this park with you until I can get back home to the 'regularly scheduled program'!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Amy....Great pics!

  2. What an interesting place to visit. My Mr. laughs because I would not mind living like this today, if I could power my sewing machines! Thanks for the peek into your family event. Lovely family, you are blessed.

  3. Yep, Indiana is having an early humid season. Even so, looks like you are enjoying a nice family trip.

  4. Thank you Amy. I enjoyed seeing your pictures. The place reminds me of Cades Cove in Tennessee. Similar thing with the buildings, but they don't have quilts on display there. I would love to visit there someday, but I just have no reason to be any where near Indiana, LOL. Have a great time!

  5. Enjoy your family time away.