A New Year and a Do-Over

I created this Christmas piece 3 years ago. It's got a flaw that I forgot about. I hung it up at the shop this year and after it hung there for 4 weeks, somebody pointed it out to the owner.

See it yet? 

Counselor! Darn it. I consider myself a good speller too. Boss man thought it was hilarious. Of course it was one of his brilliant granddaughters who caught it.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say, "Happy New Year!"

I'm working on my new calendar for the year, making some plans, and wondering at the transformation of 2014 from a homeschooling-take-care-of-the-kids-24/7 mom to a mom who would like the kids to hurry up and get back to school. Wednesday? Why the heck not Monday? Sigh...

LOL! Well, I am enjoying them but just when you think you've got a good schedule going, it changes.


  1. LOL! Amy, it should be fairly simple to make that C into an S. ;)

  2. Amy, you are human after all. I love everything you do. :-)

  3. Also, I think it's AlMighty God… That's how I remember it! Happy New Year and let's get quilting!