Playing With Color, a Follow-Up Post

Wow! I had no idea how my article on coloring would resonate with you guys. Seems we not only have free motion quilting in common, but we just plain like to play with color. It's pretty easy to get excited about a coloring book when we can get such lovely ones like Johanna Basford's Secret Garden .

I so enjoyed playing with my colored pencils. I started off with plain Prismacolor pencils but needed more colors so I got out my Derwent Inktense pencils. The post card paper was sturdy enough to hold up to a little bit of water, so I was able to play with the watercolor effects of the Inktense pencils.

These pencils are nice and soft to color with, but aren't anything special when used like a regular pencil. In fact some of the colors are a bit dull and faded. But once you add a smidge of water, they get intense!

Here, the addition of water allowed me to 'pull' color into the uncolored areas. It's a lot like those paint with water books for kids.

You can even use these pencils to great effect on fabric with a little textile medium to wet and 'fix' the color. I know some folks use them with just water and say they are color fast once dry/heat set, but I haven't used them that way yet.

Since you use the textile medium instead of water, you can color/paint on a quilted quilt without fear of the color bleeding through to the back. This is a project from 2011, where I quilted first with black thread to make the design, then I filled the background with white before finally coloring. The bird has a bit of junk in the trunk, don't you think?

Ok, on to the giveaway.....

This blank postcard along with my card will be on its way to "Di" who commented,
Playing with coloured pencils like a child, sketching, colouring, dreaming of quilts to be made. Heavenly! 
Di has a blog and while I couldn't tell for sure, I think she lives down under in Australia. So I get to stump the local post office with sending something there! (Family Factoid: My youngest child is fascinated by a bunch of Youtube videos about Thomas the Train made by an Australian dad and he's been picking up a few words with an Australian accent!)

Thanks to everyone who commented. I have more of these Postcards , so we'll do this again in the future.

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