Design Time

I love to design my own projects. I know not everybody does, but I do. I have a hard time making myself follow a pattern exactly so I figure if I'm going to disregard somebody's hard work in designing a project, it might as well be my own!

I've had this color scheme for a project in my mind for a very long time. It was inspired by a water color house that my daughter painted at least 3 years ago. I ordered fabric for it yesterday in a flash of inspiration.

Creativity is a funny thing. For me, it comes in cycles. Before I start a project, I have a bunch of ideas that have been percolating in my mind for a while. Eventually something triggers a spark- usually a deadline or some other form of desperation. I'll get hit with an idea and if I run with it, things can turn out pretty amazing for a while. Then the initial wave passes and it's time to push myself to make the piece a reality.

Most of the time I don't really have a firm deadline on a project, but I find that it's helpful to set one anyway or nothing ever gets done. What's that saying about plan for nothing and you'll get it every time? Sometimes it's good to have someone keep me accountable. In fact, this blog and the amazing folk who read it help me complete more work than I could have imagined. Of course, sometimes it feels like the writing I do keeps me from my quilting, but I'm certain that needing blog-able projects make me more productive and creative.

I brought home a sewing machine cabinet box from the shop yesterday, so I did some kid sized creating for my little guy. He loves his house so much that he even slept in it for part of last night. It's a huge box and takes up most of the floor in the kitchen. I'm pretty sure the owner of the cabinet is pretty happy too!

Now I must leave the blog writing and get back to my pencil and eraser, followed by pointing and clicking on the computer and much hitting of the undo button. That's usually followed by a bunch of tech-related fussing and an unkind word or two hundred. Tomorrow, I will be participating in the "Around the World Blog Hop". There's that using the blog to keep me accountable again!

I hope you've done something creative and or fun this weekend and I'll 'see' you tomorrow!


  1. So recognisable!! Watching out for tomorrow's post...

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