Dresdens are Done

I finished up with Ellen's lovely Dresden quilt late last week and other than a border design that I decided had to be ripped out and changed, I really enjoyed it. Though I only had little bits of time free to work on it, so it felt like it took forever!

The pictures aren't the greatest, as we've been having overcast days.

I was going to do piano keys or beadboard on the outer border (at the bottom of the above picture) but I was afraid the print and my lines of stitching might not run parallel enough and then run the risk of looking all crooked.

Seeing the shape of the dark parts of the batik made it easy to decide to do another fern feather around the border.

 Shot of the back. Looks pretty good, I think. Can't wait until Ellen has it in her hands and lets me know what she thinks.

I merged the spiral background design into a border with fern feather leaves for the narrower border. I also used my Sue Pelland Leaves Galore ruler to mark the spines and spiral border.

I like doing quilts for others from time to time, but find it horribly nerve wracking. Ellen was fabulous with her permission to do what I thought the quilt needed. I am probably more critical of my work than any of my customers, but that can be a good thing.

But teaching folks to quilt their own quilts is what makes me the happiest! Next Monday will kick off a month of designs and tips for beginners for the Free Motion Monday Quilting Adventure and link party. Come join the fun.


  1. Your quilting is amazing on this beautiful quilt. I love the way it looks on the back, and she is sure to love it too.

  2. I DO love it! I'm so glad I asked and you were able to take it on. My humble quilt has been elevated by your beautiful designs and stitching. I couldn't be happier! Thanks Amy :)

  3. Beautiful! Yes, the fern is better then a straight line stitch.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you. That quilt talked to me when Ellen sent me the pic of the top.

  5. Your quilting is a beautiful compliment to the piecing!

  6. Your quilting is gorgeous! I've just recently become a follower of your blog and I thank you so much for instruction and guidance. I'm just a beginner and hope to be able to reach your level of excellence some day.

  7. Very beautiful quilt! Block of the Dresden plate with contrasting fabrics reminiscent of a fan! Stitch is beautiful!

  8. Amy, What wonderful quilting! Beautiful creation! It is nice for you to show off your quilting and let your students see results and to know that, with practice, they can do it also.

  9. Beautiful quilting, Amy. You are an inspiration. I'm sure Ellen will love it.

  10. I think your quilting decisions were very well thought out and it shows! The quilting really enhances the quilt and I can't imagine that Ellen will be anything other than thrilled with the results!