Starting a New Project

I'm starting to start on a new project today. I pre-washed a bunch of fabric. A nine yard piece of fabric in the washer is such a tangled, twisted mess when it comes out. I just couldn't bring myself to cut it. Actually, since I bought a 16 yard bolt of it, I had already cut it once.

I love having all of my fabric prewashed as soon as it comes in the house. Saves me from wondering, "Is it pre-washed?" when the creative juices start to run.

But the best and most important thing was I found the surface of my cutting table again!

It usually gets buried when I'm sewing or quilting a project. This time there is no 'before' shot. Not that I'm too embarrassed to show you (go back through the archives and you'll see I don't mind sharing my messes!), but I just picked at it this morning and the next thing you know, it was done! So now I can actually get busy with actually starting the project!

I hope you are all getting some gorgeous Fall weather (Or Spring weather if you're down under) where ever you live. Here in Virginia it was beautiful today!


  1. I read somewhere that if one would unfold fabric as it comes from the bolt and fan-fold it cross-ways with selvages together in about 15 in. folds (by 44"width), then safety pin the stack on both sides through the selvages only several times, it would not get so tangled. Shake it back into the stack before putting it in the dryer, and then again when it comes out of the dryer, then unpin the stack, refold lengthwise and press. I tried it and it worked for me; I use this method on yardage every time now. Much easier than fighting with the tangles! ---"Love"

    1. I put the hubby to work holding one end while I untwisted. He was quite amused. It wasn't too bad, at least there was only 2 cut ends so not much thready mess. It went through the dryer without much twist. It's all laid out, loosely folded, on my cutting table waiting for me to press it tomorrow. But I'll have to give your method a try next time!

    2. The method above described by "Love" works!

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  3. I have done the same as "Love" with a lot of yardage and it worked for me as well. Saves me from have to deal with a twisted, frayed mess.


  4. Here is what I do when I want to wash large pieces