Monday, April 21, 2014

Free Motion Monday Quilting Adventures: Scroll Flower Week 3

I've got to admit I almost didn't get this week's Free Motion Monday Quilting Adventure post up! It's been such beautiful weather here and I didn't want to spend more time at the computer.

Free motion quilting: scroll flower

I had a few folks mention that they were having trouble spacing the scroll flowers in such a way as to keep odd areas filled in. So I shot another video on the design and I hope it helps you with how to work the design closer together for an even fill.

If you are new to this design, draw it out a few times before starting to quilt it. Link up to share what you've done this week with this design, even if it's just a drawing. We can each work on our skill with this design and see how much each of us has improved.

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  1. I think you gave me some great ideas on spacing my scroll flowers a bit closer! Your video really helped a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Exactly what I needed ! My spacing was a problem. I even drew out a grid. My stems were too long so I put leaves on them!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I have a spacing issue too. This really helps.

  4. Amy, I've really been enjoying your FM posts and videos! That said, I'm getting a little confused about the foot setup you've been using — and which has me green with envy. I have a Bernina, and I have figured out that I'll need adapter #75 if I want a foot for ruler work, but exactly what else do I need? When I search the Janome site for FM feet, there are far too many choices! ;)
    Thanks so much!

    1. Sandy, I assure you, this is probably the only time there's been a foot for Janome machines that Bernina users wish they had! I personally long for one of the free motion couching feet that Bernina has even though Janome has come out with one.

      So far I have not had real good reports regarding using the adapter so a Bernina user can use the Janome foot. One gal had a very handy hubby and he apparently did some filing on the adapter to make it fit. Another has said she could get them to work out trying both the 75 and 77 adapter.

      Save your money until I can figure out a sure thing regarding these feet. In the meantime, let you Bernina dealer know about the need for a similar foot and maybe they'll come up with something.

    2. We had initially thought the Bernina 75 adapter would work with the low-shank version of the convertible FMQ foot set but others have tried it to no avail!

    3. Thanks so much for the reply, Amy! Sorry I'm a "no-reply blogger", but I was getting a lot of automated spam when I had my email out there; I did see your message on my blog. :( I'll wait to hear more from you, and I do plan to write to Bernina ASAP about the need for a similar foot. :) Still, I won't hold my breath, since I suspect it wouldn't come along in the very near future. Thanks again!

  5. The foot that is great from Janome is the convertible FM quilting foot. It depends on the machine as to which foot to order. For the 6600, 7700 part #003202001117, 858820007 (for 8900 and 8200), The ruler toe for the convertible FM foot is 003767434005. You can check with your Janome dealer to find the right convertible foot that will fit your machine.

    1. If your post was in reply to mine, Marsha, thanks. :) The problem is that I have a Bernina and know I need the #75 adapter. I'm just not sure what else to order to go with it. LOL!

  6. Hi Amy, just linking up after a little more practise this week. Thank you again for the inspiration!