Savoring Spring

My free motion quilting is having to take a break today! Spring has finally arrived in Virginia- for the moment anyway.

There's my sunny cottage from which my email (and a defunct mommy-blog) derives its "sonshinecottage". And today, the bench on my porch and a stack of books (mainly on time management and priority setting....sigh...) are calling me away

bed to bench
Made this bench from a found bed last year

from this:

Blog and quilt, quilt and blog....

and even this:

Really, really need to get this done.

Even though I have a ton of stuff to do, the kids and I are kicking back and enjoying the beauty around us and the peace that comes from setting our own schedule while we still can. I made the call the local school. This fall I will no longer be homeschooling my soon to be third and fourth grader and then increasing my workload in other areas.

Chillin' with some lemonade.

Big changes for us. But in the meantime, I'm gonna sit back relax and have a glass of lemonade!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh looks wonderful!! I hope to see days like this soon.

  2. Well, if you do not mind I will be over in a few hours to sip lemonade on that incredible bed-bench and look out at the Spring popping up all around. I think we a are few weeks behind you and then you can come to my house! I have enjoyed all your Free Motion posts--Thanks For Sharing!

  3. Funny we are heading to winter here in NZ!

    1. I am sure that when we are in the height of a sticky, hot summer I will want to come visiting!

    2. Hi Honey, Your Spring post showed up on our email. Great pictures.

      Love, Mom

  4. Wahoo!!!!! My mom commented on my blog! Makes me ridiculously happy!