Big Border Blues

I promised myself several months ago that I was going to work on smaller projects for my free motion quilting adventures and yet, I agreed to this commissioned project. Silly me. Then I went and designed it with huge borders!

I am making the finish of the farm quilt my number one quilty priority and the push is on to accomplish the goal so I can move on to any number of ideas I have rattling around in my addled mind.

I am marking these 12 inch wide borders now. Kimmy Brunner sure makes it look easy in my Craftsy class, Machine Quilting with Templates ! I think I need to order a few more templates from Accents in Design as I think I need the larger sizes for borders like this.

I want to do some curved crosshatching and feathers in the border. I've figured out the placement of the curved crosshatching, but I still need to figure out how to run the feather spines.

I needed to divide segments by 3-7/8 inches, so I used painter's tape to easily find the makings on my ruler. I'm using chalk to mark my lines. I am kicking myself for not picking up one of those chalk mechanical pencils that makes a nice fine line when I was in town yesterday.

I can't wait to see how it will turn out! LOL (Let's assume it turns out....)

Updated Saturday to add: Craftsy is doing a sale this weekend on selected classes!


  1. Amy...the farm quilt is gorgeous!!! I do custom quilts, but never one like this....and your quilting,,,,to die for!!!!

  2. I love the textures you have got in this...

  3. Amy, I love this quilt and I just love what you are achieving with the quilting! So clever. I cant wait to see the full piece!!!

    1. Thanks so much! I am looking forward to getting it done! It has given me a bunch of ideas too and I want to try them out.

  4. This is fantastic...Love how you have it made. Its so effective.

  5. I love your quilting motif combinations-they're beautiful! I set my feather spines with a "Wave Edge" ruler-so easy, just slap em down and mark. I then draw the corner by eye and by hand-easy peasy.

  6. I do love this! I expect it will be awesome when you're all finished. You're on your way for sure!

  7. Amy....your quilting is gorgeous!!!!!! And that border will be the perfect finish! I use a flexible rule to mark the spine. It's 24" long and can be curved/bent as needed, holds the shape and is long enough to handle easily. Here's a link to find one: I don't know if you have an Office Depot around you but I imagine another store will have it or an art supply store. And it's reasonably priced!!!!!! Your friend is going to LOVE THIS QUILT!!!!!!! Hugs...........................