Video: Curved Crosshatching in a Triangle

In my previous post on Curved Crosshatching in a Triangle, I said I wasn't going to post the video as it it was too long, boring and rambly. But at least two of you encouraged me to post it anyway, one of them being Leah Day, so here it is:

 Enjoy. (Or not!) :-) 

We're recovering from our "Polar Vortex" and our house was nice and cozy. Others have not been so fortunate. Burst pipes at a friend's house and at the sewing machine shop where I've been helping out one day a week.

The kids and I filled some balloons with water and let them freeze overnight, for some round ice "decorations". I tried to blow some bubbles to see if we could get them to freeze before they popped, with some fleeting success. Alas, no pictures!


  1. Hi Amy - great video I enjoyed did you set your camera up? I often try to video what I do...but I haven't masted the camera bit yet :) You always make all your work look so easy..Really enjoyed this ... thank you.

  2. My curved (10") ruler should come today or tomorrow. Excited to try it!!!! Thanks for all the videos......super helpful!!!!!! Hugs............

  3. Love the video and the pattern!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  4. Thankyou for sharing ruler work. I am hoping Bernina produces a ruler foot soon!

  5. I like it. Your "rambling just makes it seem like I'm sitting there visiting

  6. Great video, thanks for posting it.

  7. You could put a line of 1/4" masking tape from the edge in on the underside of the curved ruler. This would give you a 1/4" marking to help with positioning. Or even other widths of tape for say 1/2" spacing.

    1. I do use tape quite often (I love painter's tape) to mark rulers and such, but a laser marking would be so much better.