Art Inspiration for a Quilter

I'll be the first to admit it, I am not much of a piecer.

I know many a quilter who loves to piece a quilt and have it quilted "by check" if it's a larger quilt. I know many more who make a top with great love and then do their best to quilt it themselves and do a fine job of it, but with not quite as much love for the quilting. And it's my joy to know quilters who love the quilting aspect of the quilt as much as I do, though they're usually better piecers than me!

For me, I see the top as a canvas for my quilting. So my inspiration tends to come from arts and graphics sources. Not that I consider myself all artsy-fartsy and knowledgeable. I fail when it comes to all the proper art terminology. (OK, maybe a C-.) Some inspiration comes from a song or story.

I find graphics, doodling, and illustration to be so inspiring. Zentangles are fabulous! So below are some of my favorite artists right now.

Peony and Parakeet- She does lovely work with paints, doodling, and collage. She has given me some ideas for using my lovely $5 Goodwill scanner and freeware Inkscape graphics program too!

Geninne- This isn't the first time I've mentioned her on my blog. Watercolor artist, illustrator, stitcher, sharer of her gorgeous husband-designed house(s) (There have been a series of houses). And homeschooler. Oh how I wish she could shed more light on how to homeschool two boys and still keep her home so uncluttered and minimalistic!

Johanna Basford- Ink evangelist; not of tattoos, but of hand drawn illustrations in black ink, which are then usually screen printed after being tweaked on the computer. Her work is incredibly detailed and wild, amazing, and just darn beautiful!

And last for this post, is Valerie Sjodin from Visual Blessings. An art journaler, she inspires me to incorporate scripture and words into my arty-quilts.

When it comes to quilting inspiration, there are a ton of fabulously talented quilters out there! And I am drawn to applique lately, especially anything that looks like it was inspired by William Morris. And of course my own designs, which include plenty of room to quilt!

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  1. Hi Amy and all, thank you for recommending my blog for the inspiration. Interesting thing is that I have been a quilter 15 years ago and I still make quilts now and then. Back then I was in a situation where I did not have enough time for quilting so I though that using paper would be faster. So quilting has had big impact on my art. Now after writing this I realise that I should blog about what I have learned about quilting that I use in collage art and vise versa! So thanks for the idea too!