Quilting Around the Web

Here are some posts I thought I'd share from around the web:

Leah Day has made a free motion convert out of her husband! They've even done some videos with him stitching to help show beginners what it's like to be learning this great skill. This post talks about learning that machines don't like going in a particular direction (mine certainly hates to go directly backward) and that if your hands stop, so should your machine. Very good points!

The marvelous Leslie at MarveLes Art Studios was showing some wonderful free motion couching. For all you Bernina users who have been stymied to figure out how to do rulerwork, the Bernina free motion couching foot is something I long after! Janome has one, but it isn't as well designed.

Leslie also posted about the book "Quilting Wide-Open Spaces " by Julie Madsen, aka Green Fairy Quilts. I think I need to get a copy. If you haven't seen the quilting over at Green Fairy Quilts, go check it out because the quilting is drool worthy! All on a longarm, but the designs work equally well on out domestic machines.

And if you're looking for some great quilting ideas for your quilts that are beautiful and still cuddly, not over-the-top show quilting, go check out Tanderwen Quilts. She's been doing quilting for customers on a domestic machine for a while and has recently moved up to an AQPS George (possibly my dream machine), which is a sit-down longarm. She's like me, doing what she can with working from home while raising her little kids.

Now, for some serious eye-candy, I'll direct you to Phillippa Naylor's website. Her "Quilting in the Limelight " might be one of my favorite books. I love the peek it gives into the life of a professional quilter and features her stunning work.

And blog reader Michelle of Mmm... Quilts, is another talented longarm quilter. She's recently posted a project that shows some great ruler work. I particularly like the border treatment, which can be done with a bit of marking and a curved ruler.

There's so much more to see and learn about on the web! But moderation in all things I guess. I hope to get a new battery for my camera today so I can resume putting my own pics on the blog and shoot some more videos!


  1. Thanks for the heads up, Amy! I am still trying to learn how to do more than stitch in the ditch,

  2. nice round up of ideas, amy; thank you for the mention. i am also glad for the reminder about phillipa naylor, {had forgotten} but i have her book, and it's also very good!!! blessings girl... you're doing such a nice job on the blog!