Cross-hatching Ruler Work on Sewing Machine

I've posted a new video showing some free motion ruler work I did while cross hatching an area on my latest quilt.

I've finished quilting the quilt, except for the binding, and hope to get pics of it up on Friday. Right now, we're heading off to the wedding.


  1. Amy, love your blog. I recently purchased a sitdown Tin Lizzie and want to obtain a few rulers for freemotion quilting. What rulers/companies would you recommend. I also have a Janome and love it, but I use it for my business and don't want to wear it out.

    Thanks, Sharon in CO

  2. Nice! Can't watch it all right now, but I will be back to check it out. :

  3. Love this technique, just wish my machine was large enough to handle using a ruler. I have maybe 7 inches to the right of the needle. It's amazing what a difference a couple inches can make.

    1. Virginia, as long as your machine has a good sized extension table or is set flush with a table top, I think you could use rulers fine on a smaller sewing machine. You’d just have to use the ruler more off to the left of the needle. I do agree about the difference a few inches make. When I moved from my Janome 3160 to the 6600 and gained 3 inches, it made an incredible difference!