Blue Bobbins!

 I've written about how I feel that using genuine Janome bobbins in my Janome sewing machines gives me better results in May Your Bobbins be Smooth and also shared how I use the pink Janome bobbins to help organize the threads in my bobbins.

Now they have blue bobbins !

Yay! Now I can use a different color for my extra fine threads like Bottom line and the occasional silk thread.

I already keep my basic sewing threads on the clear bobbins and my remaining generic bobbins and the threads I use most when machine quilting are on the pink "Cherry Blossom" bobbins.

Did you know that September is National Sewing Month? It's a good time to look around for some good deals on sewing stuff.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I will put them on my x-mas wish list!
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  2. I use a fine point sharpie and simply abbreviate which brand of thread is on the spool. I also keep my bobbins sorted by thread brand in little storage containers....I use baby hair bows to keep them from unravelling and then store them in a nice tin inside the container that hold the main spool of thread by brand.