Designing a Quilt Catastrophy

Hello, my quilting friends!

This week and next will find me with little time to post as I am feverishly working on my quilt that I want to enter in the Sacred Threads Exhibit. It is my first major goal of this year and somehow life happened and the deadline for entries is nine days away. NINE!

Speaking of feverishly, we also have been hit by the stomach flu and three sick kids are keeping me busy with cleaning, laundry, cuddling, and caring for the poor sickies. And the hubby is out of town missing all the germy fun.

So I hope to be back soon and share some pics of the finished quilt. How close have you cut it when there's a quilty deadline? Please share in the comments.

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  1. I hope they are all feeling better soon! AND that you don't come down with it! Or were you the first?

    Deadline? LOL! I stayed up all night to handsew on a binding for a quilt that was due the next day. Not a show, but still due.