How to Knot and Bury Thread Ends When Quilting: Video

Here's a video of how I bury thread ends at the beginning or end of a line of stitching. I know one thing I do differently from other videos I've seen on knotting is where I tie my knot. I like to do it about 1/2 inch away from my top instead of right at the surface. It works for me.

And below is what this area looked like before I started burying ends.

When doing an intricate bit of stitching with a lot of starts and stops, I like to minimize how many times I have to cut thread and start over. I will lift the needle out at the end of a line of stitching, and using my knee lift, raise the presser foot and move to an area out of the way of more stitching. Then I take a single stitch and then move to the next area of stitching, leaving a 'V' of thread. This allows me to move to a new area and still keep the start and stop tails of thread out of the way.

When my quilt starts to look like the first picture, above, with threads all over the place, it's time to take care of all the knotting and burying. As I show in the picture below, I pull on that 'V' of thread where I took the single stitch and pull the bobbin thread up to the top. (The black thread on my finger is the bobbin thread.)

Then I cut the bobbin thread and proceed to tie the ends as shown in the video. By keeping those threads intact and located in an area I'm not currently stitching in, I keep from accidentally sewing over the bobbin thread tails while I 'save' the knotting and burying for later.

Now, I am off to quilt some more on this project. I swear the next project I do will be more cheerful!

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  1. (I guess I am still blog impaired!)

    Ok, did I tell you you were brilliant? Love the taking a single stitch to keep your threads out of your way!

    Love the 'dripping' coming from DESPAIR. Is that not how we feel when we are in the midst of that? As if everything is draining out of us. Thankfully we have the Lord to fill us up again! How beautifully you illustrate that with your swirls going into the DESPAIR. No matter how much drains from us, HE will always fill us!

    Are you close to finishing?