Happy New Year and Quilting on a Tablet

My feather needs a little work.
I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and New Year's. I seem to have gotten lost in my To-Do list and it's had very little to do with blogging and sewing. My hubby went way overboard and surprised me with a tablet computer. He really surprised me! As in, I almost snapped at him on Christmas Eve as I was certain he hadn't bothered to get me anything, not even the $6 paperback I had specifically asked for.

Trying some spikey shapes for my new art quilt.

I now have a new favorite way of drawing out my quilting designs for practice. The program makes the 'sketch' look so artistic. It's a free Android based app called "Draw Something". I have totally wasted too much time on this tablet, trying to figure it out, loading it with free books for myself and the kiddos. It feels great to just doodle with my finger on this thing! I can save the drawings, but I usually don't. Simple to start anew, just like the new year, and try, try again!

We've also spent much time rearranging the bedrooms and who sleeps in which room. My husband and I now have a bedroom/sewing room downstairs while my daughter is in our old room upstairs. We've done away with the playroom as such, and now my daughter has a better sized room upstairs. I think the arrangement will work nicely.

I had a special quilt project due to finish today. Not happening. The top's done, but I have yet to start the quilting. Not a good quilty start to the new year, but it will get done soon. I have grand plans for this year and I think it's going to be wonderful, even if it doesn't turn out as I plan it.

I hate to stipple and it shows, but on the tablet it's fun!
Gotta go.....

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