My Quilty Getaway

 I had an absolutely fabulous time at my personal quilt retreat and real-life meet up with my online friend Robin. She is a total sweet heart and such an encouragement. She is a homeschooling veteran as well as a quilter and since I am fairly new to homeschooling she imparted a lot of wisdom. Never did she tell me what to do or give a lot of "you shoulds", rather, she'd tell me what she did in certain situations and let me draw my own conclusions.

I was able to get quite a bit of quilting done on my newest Poured Out quilt, though there's still a ton left to do. Robin  was working on planning and cutting out a new quilt and I'm sure my presence wasn't all too helpful. She tells me she has finished the top except the borders on Wednesday!
 I happened to think that this rug in the guest room is quilt worthy, so I snapped a pic.
 As a hostess gift, I painted this water jug copy from the Poured Out quilt for Robin. The words show up much better in the painted version of course. These words came serendipitously as I wasn't sure what to use for the jug quilting at first. Then it just all clicked and I got that part done quickly.
 The background of this quilt is not 'pretty'. Ugly words that matched my ugly, fearful, and tired heart during my husband's bout with cancer. Thorny vines that tried to drag me down during that time. Some of the same feelings still threaten to drag me down even now. Every once in a while, I get fleeting glimpses of the person I am becoming, blossoming into. (I am a late bloomer!)

Here's a pic to balance the anger above: My daughter Leah playing in the snow. She's lost her first tooth!
OK, time to wind up this post and actually quilt! I hope you are all snug and warm in your homes and getting some quilting done as it pleases you.


  1. so blessed to hear of your retreat, and the sweet encouragement from friendship you've received ... beautiful quilting ... keep... being poured out! {love that pic of your toothless girl!} awesome reminder of joy to me!

  2. I really like your Poured Out quilt. Good for you that you got to go to a retreat!

  3. Lovely quilt and I agree that the rug would be a wonderful quilt design. I love finding inspiration in everyday items! Visiting from the FMQP.

  4. Way to show your transformation through quilting! I love it!

  5. Beautiful flowing and swirling water.

  6. What a cutie!!! And I love that you made a beautiful quilt out of and ugly time for you. Creating positivity in our lives is so cathartic.