A Rainy Day Post

Working on this quilt. Sometimes, maybe, or just thinking of working on it. It really needs to get done, but I don't want to mess it up. Apparently in my mind, if I don't work on it, I can't possibly mess it up.

It's been a very damp and dreary week here and my air-erasable marking pen is disappearing much too quickly.

I'm going this weekend to meet an online friend in person! Exciting and slightly scarey. What if she doesn't like me? What if this trip turns out to be a great plot for some TV show? Hey it could be Law and Order or America's Funniest Videos! Actually, there's been enough contact to rule out the really scarey stuff (Hi Robin, we're talking about ya!), but I do want her to like me and of course I don't want to have a break down or anything on the trip.

I really need the time away from the family so I remember my name isn't Mom. And I'm taking this quilt down there to work on. I really hope I can make some progress on it, though I suspect we'll be doing a LOT of talking and laughing and I'm not sure I can quilt and laugh at the same time!

When I get back I hope to be posting more frequently.

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