Quilting Tools Part 4

So you don't have the Janome convertible foot set? You can still use a darning foot. You can even make it better! Leah Day has another great post on how to break your foot. Your standard darning foot that is! Actually, it's how to fix the foot to make it work better.

I need to figure out if I should break a foot for the ladies at my quilting group. I'm teaching them how to free motion quilt. Thursday we are all bringing our machines and we're going to see what I can do to help them and their machines do FMQ. I am having so much fun with this group!

Another tool I love is the June Tailor Shape Cut Ruler . I am not a huge piecing fan, possibly because my skills need work and because a more wholecloth type quilt lets me have more free motion quilting fun. But this ruler of sorts helps me get accurate strips cut. Since you can cut multiple strips without moving the ruler, it can go pretty fast. You run your rotary cutter through the slots on the ruler to cut.

It made short work of cutting the pieces for my new quilt. I thought I'd do a rather simple pieced quilt on which I could showcase some quilting that is typical on a pieced quilt instead of my usual over the top quilting. It will end up being a large throw size to put on my couch. I wanted it to be bigger, but I just didn't have enough of this Rainy Days and Mondays fabric. Bigger because I want to have more bigger quilts under my belt for when I am asked how big a quilt can I comfortably quilt under my Janome.

Now I need to get breakfast on the table. I have a sitter coming and I am getting away for a little "Me" time.

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  1. I think you'll do a great job teaching FMQ with your quilting group. Good for you!