How to Keep your Rulers from Slipping

Here's my cheap and easy method to keep my rulers from sliding and slipping on my fabrics. I mentioned it in my post on free motion quilting with rulers and the technique is so easy it almost doesn't rate a tutorial, but here it is anyway.

First, all you need is clear nail polish and salt. It certainly doesn't have to be clear, but it sure makes it easier to read any markings through the nail polish. I use the quick drying because it's what I have on hand and because I'm an impatient kind of gal. My 5 year-old daughter would prefer that I use purple glitter polish, but she's out of luck.
In the above pic, you can see where I've used this technique on this ruler already. I did it maybe two years ago and it's still quite grippy. But when I was cutting some narrow strip sets yesterday, I realized my gripper spots were too far apart.

Below is a pic of three spots of nail polish awaiting a sprinkling of salt. Make sure to apply the polish in a small puddle on the wrong side of the ruler! It'll spread on its own.

And thanks to a new camera from a generous friend, here's a close up of the salt! Now let it dry thoroughly. .
Don't rush it!

Once it's dry, you can go slice up some yummy fabric without slippage.

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Now that I have a better camera (Thank you dear friend!) I'll be able to post better pictures on the blog. I had such fun taking macro shots in the garden this past weekend.


  1. I love a frugal idea. I will have to give this a try. Great pictures too!

  2. Ahhh... nice tip! Never heard of it before! And I'm so thrilled to see such a great close-up :) What a relief, not to have to strain to actually see what you're talking about!!! (those eyes love it ya know)! Keep up the great tips!!! XO

  3. Love this idea. Much better than those little stick on things that fall off after a short time.Thank you

  4. I had tried sandpaper dots, but I found some clear rubber discs at Joanns. They work brilliantly!

  5. Oh heavens!! I am going to give it a are a god send!!

    1. Why thank you! “I am a god send to Marjorie” –words to use when my inner critic gets out of hand, thank you!

  6. Now this is a very clever idea that I will try........and try to not listen to the grandchild that would offer me Her sparkly black polish ggg

  7. I love your blog and always read it immediately whenever you post. These tips are particularly helpful as well as the longer tutorials. You are teaching me so much and introducing me to new tools and techniques! You are definitely spicing up my qulting projects!