"Poured Out" v.2

The dates for the Sacred Threads exhibit and entry period have come out, so it's really, really time for me to follow through on my goal to make a new version of my "Poured Out" quilt. I am using a computer graphics program to design some of this quilt instead of pencil and paper. Below is the pitcher I made with the free version of Serif Draw Plus. I think I need to go back and raise the bottom line a bit. I think it looks a bit saggy.

I am inspired by graphic art so I am trying to learn how to make my own. I downloaded a photo into the graphics program and then used the tools to trace the shape. I still have a lot to learn and I am unsure if I want to pay for the full version of this program or get the Adobe Illustrator program that is the industry standard for work of this kind.
 I bought a nice range of fabrics from my local quilt shop in a grey batik for the background. Though I haven't quite figured out how I want to do it. For this version, I want the quilt to be more about my personal journey during my husband's cancer, thus the dark background represents my struggle with depression during that time. I may use a solid or close-to-solid black or dark grey, I may piece it, or I might even paint a background, which will take some experimenting for sure. I'm still thinking on it.
 Above is the gradation going from dark down to light, and below is light going down to dark. I think I like the light going down to the dark. It's always darkest before we reach out to the Lord.
 And now is a shot, below of a blue that is somewhat like what the water will be like, though it will be appli-pieced in a curving tumult of water. This quilt will be more vertical in format and smaller than the original version.
Above, you can see one of my new long arm rulers I bought on a recent shopping trip. I had so much fun doing the quilting with the one ruler I had that I decided to get some more. Perhaps I'm a bit dirty-minded, but doesn't it have a shape that reminds you of some anatomy? I'll show you the rest of the rulers in my next post.

Anybody have any opinion on the background for Poured Out v.2? Now, I am off to quilt before quiet time is over.

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  1. I like the light at the top. Feels off balance to me the other way. I loved you version one, so I can't wait to watch your progress on this one.