Murphy's Law of Quilting

It just seems that Murphy comes visiting just when things are getting just a smidge hectic. You do know Murphy's Law don't you? "What can go wrong, will go wrong." When it comes to quilting, Murphy likes to show up here in the evening.

Like right after I posted the above photo to Instagram one night, Murphy pointed out that I had neglected to finish out my design by making a final pass to the outside instead of stopping in the center.

Murphy followed up a few nights later when I decided to fix my mistake. It seems I had just enough thread in the bobbin to bring up the bobbin thread but not enough to actually form the first stitch.

But while I take his late night visits as a sign to call it a night, I am determined not to let Murphy's Law get me down.

I head out for QuiltCon Thursday and will stay until Sunday morning. Will I see any of my readers there? I decided to go at the last-ish minute and I'm afraid I may have set myself up for Murphy to visit during my trip. I've rented a car as the mom-car isn't quite up to the trip, reserved a room (though sadly not at the convention hotels as I waited too long), and am trying to get things at the shop and home shipshape before my departure.

I'll just be wandering the show and trying to meet up with a lot of people, most of which I've never met in person. You can follow my QuiltCon adventures on my Instagram feed and that may be a good way to connect if you're there.

Now, I think I will succumb to my internal last minute pressure to make something to take with me!