Where's Amy?

Remember those "Where's Waldo?" pictures? Here's a pic of all the Craftsy Instructors and some Craftsy team members I was hanging out with this past weekend. Can you find me?

I've been a bit quiet the last few days mainly due to leaving my laptop cord at my friend's house in Charlotte. Severe rationing has been enacted as I wait for it to arrive in the mail.

Could be worse: I could have left it somewhere and lost it forever. Those cords aren't cheap. Even more wonderful was spending a few precious hours with my quilting BFF instead of sleeping/stewing at the Charlotte airport while waiting for my flight home to be rescheduled for the next day.

Thanks Robin!

Gotta go....


  1. Spotted you instantly, you were in good company! Glad you are home safe and sound, even if cordless. LOL

  2. I think I found you in the right third of the picture? There is a guy kneeling in front wearing what looks like a gray shirt. Behind him are women in black on the left and a younger one in purple? on the right. You are behind those two in the middle. That you Amy? :-)

    1. Yes! That's me! Interesting side note, the fellow kneeling in front of me is Mitch Lazar, Executive Vice President of Craftsy and our master of ceremonies during the event. He's taken his position at Craftsy seriously, even learning to knit!

  3. Yay!! I loved Where's Waldo too. Interesting experience: Two summers ago, I was one of a few women who volunteered where we had a quilt frame set up for a couple months and demo'd quilting to mostly preteen kids. We would offer them the opportunity to sit down and quilt. If I had to pick the most 'serious' of those who tried hard, I would have to say the boys. Yes, there were girls who concentrated and did well, but many seemed more interested in checking their cell phones every couple minutes! I was told by one Mom that her son had already sewed his first quilt and it was quilted by a male neighbor on his longarm!