Quilting with Rulers: Rack Them Up

I've been meaning to show you the gorgeous ruler rack that the talented and generous Patsy Thompson sent me. It's so pretty! Especially with all my sparkly rulers stacked and looking like giant jewels.

quilting with rulers: rack them up

Let me point out the beautiful inlay work that Patsy's husband Ernie put into this rack. It sits perfectly on one of my cube storage units and is nice and heavy so I know it's not going to get knocked off.

quilting with rulers: rack them up- detail of inlay

Yes, I loved my son's pointer he got from his school so much I bought myself one. Actually I got 3 in different colors. I was hoping to find a small one that would fit on the end of a pencil so I could use it easier in my videos. (Or break it out in a Craftsy taping! I'm pretty sure they wouldn't keep it in the footage, but it would make a great blooper.) I wasn't feeling brave enough to use it in my recent talk to a local quilt guild.

I didn't get my ruler work sampler done in time for the guild talk. I've been filling in at my Janome dealer's shop while he recovers from some surgery. It's put a crimp in my schedule for sure, but I love helping the customers.

I did some partial crosshatching into one of the setting triangles the other day....

quilting with rulers partial crosshatching

Then I decided to fill in every other square with a back and forth line fill. I'm not sure I like it. What do you think? I probably need to heed my own advice and step away from the quilt before looking at it and deciding it's not good enough. If I hadn't already done the fill below the crosshatching, I would have put another two lines in so the filled spaces worked out to fill the corners of the design, not just the top and bottom diamond.

quilting with rulers partial crosshatching with fill

Don't forget the upcoming Ruler Work Link Party on January 26th. Get your ruler work projects ready to share, inspire, and educate other quilters and we'll pop around the links and visit.

In other news, the USPS is raising their postage rates this weekend and I'm sorry to tell you that we'll have to raise shipping rates in the shop. Anything ordered after Sunday (1/17) will have the new shipping rates added.

I enjoyed all the wonderful feedback I got from my last post on the Sew Slip mat and its alternatives. While the commentors didn't all agree on what they used for a good slick surface, all agreed that something extra was needed beyond just the table and machine surface.

Edited to add: I almost forgot! Craftsy is having a sale on its new classes this weekend. New year, new class specials. They don't often put the newest classes on sale, so take advantage of this one by clicking my affiliate link.


  1. That's a gorgeous ruler rack, you lucky quilter! :) The inlay really makes it unique -- much nicer than the small, plain one I have. :)

  2. I like the fill, I'm sure when you step back and look at it,it will really pop. Beautiful ruler rack!

  3. Everyone needs and appreciates a great ruler-keeper. This one is stunning, lucky you! Love the pointy hand too. Great fun.

  4. Looks so lovely! Fantastic ruler! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  5. I like the back and forth fill it gives another dimension...clever you :-)