Pin Basting on a Wheeled Table

I forgot to post about how much I love my new work tables when it comes to basting quilts. We made them out of a metal shelving rack, some casters, and wooden tops. You can see them in my post about my studio reorganization. These tables are on wheels and I absolutely love them!

My typical arrangement

My so-called studio is a small room just inside the front door to our cottage. There's not a lot of space, especially as the stairs are also in the room. High traffic, I tell ya! I like to pin baste but I don't have much floor space, nor do I want to be on the floor to do it. So I use my tables. They're counter top height and fairly small but I can use them in several configurations. I like to walk around the table as I pin and since the room is small and rear is large....there's not a lot of room. The wheels allow me to push the table around as I work so I don't have to squeeze between the table and anything else. Not to mention move it when someone wants to come through my room.

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So make sure you check out the site Monday and I'll tell you all about it! Now back to the quilting...

How do you baste? Pins, spray, by hand? On the floor, table, or wall? Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Cindy Needham has a great way to baste using a table, found it in her class on Craftsy. Love Craftsy, I am working my way through your ruler class...very informative and I am really enjoying it. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  2. Dearest Amy, first let me say that I enjoy your blog and tutorials immensely. When I am lagging, I tune in for ideas and inspiration. Your tables are genius. My small studio is machine and storage laden and I cannot use my table easily. I end up on the dining room table using the slat-basting method. I pin, baste and spray. Sometimes I combine methods depending on the size of the quilt. I am not happy with spray baste on a large piece. Always looking for a miracle because no more on the floor for me!

  3. Your small studio is very functional! That counts more than size. Great idea having a multi-purpose table on wheels. I'm enjoying your Craftsy class, and several others. Gleaning lots of helpful hints and ideas for quilting. I spray baste, spray outside, bring inside to kitchen table to layer and smooth out. I just stocked up on 505 spray from Joanns and Hancocks using coupons.

  4. Love your blogs and all of your inspiration. I have a craft table that I use. It has two leaves that fold down, which also makes it nice for storage. I use the pin baste method and for little quilts I'll spray baste. Your studio looks awesome and very functional.

  5. Amy - I use a basting wall and Patsy Thompson's spray baste method using 505. My wall is in my garage, the only place where I have a spare big wall. I used insulation foam boards bought at Lowe's instead of ceiling tiles, which is nailed into the wall. The wall also doubles nicely for a design wall (if I pin up either a flannel backed tablecloth or spare batting). Lastly, when I need to mark a quilt, I do this on the wall, as it saves my back.

    1. Hiya Pat! Haven't had a comment from you in a while. Glad to 'hear' from you! Patsy's wall method is fabulous, if as you mention you've got a wall. What I would give for a garage or basement to my cottage. Definitely better on the back.

  6. Amy - I tried the Gift any Class link to use for my daughter but it took me to reviews of your class. Am I missing something, or did this only work on Thursday when you posted? Thanks!

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