Free Motion Quilting: Christmas Cards!

I knocked out some cute and simple Christmas cards today. Some scraps of Christmas fabric with WonderUnder on the back cut into rough tree shapes and ironed onto natural colored cardstock. This is the same paper I use for my thank you notes when shipping out orders. Love this stuff.

Then some quick free motion quilting around and under the trees and a few curvy things to make the trees more interesting. I have to remember to make my stitches longer and not stitch too many times around the trees as I'm not trying to make tree shaped cut outs.

My Janome 8200 handled the card stock with no problems. I had to lower the free motion quilting foot set down quite a bit. The sound it makes though is exactly like a helicopter! Thup thup thup thup. A handwritten note inside and I'm done!

One thing is for certain; I'll need a new needle after this! I really enjoyed this quick project and I think I'll have to do more of it in the future. Maybe fancy thank you notes for customers are in order?


  1. Super cute. Total #CreativeGoodness


  2. Great results!!! and yes, I stitch through odd things with my Janome all the time. I keep a separate container for the various the one used for card stock in a piece of card stock...the one used for beer can guessed can bits LOL!