Sunday Surfing

It's a gloomy spring day here in Virginia. Everything is still gorgeously green, but our plans to have a cookout at a nearby state park have been derailed. Yesterday was sunny and kind of hot, but today is a little too cool and damp.

Sundays like this are a great time for surfing the web, and I've been saving a few links to share with you. Since the pic below is all I've managed to quilt this week, I'm so glad I can share others' work with you!

First, since I've shared how I'm trying to Finish more projects this year, I thought I'd share this Craftsy post about how to get more sewing done. Pretty sure I need to actually do some of these, not just read about them.

I love Johanna Basford's art and it looks like I'm not the only one, she's even been on TV news lately! Over at Quilts On Bastings, Karen's made a quilt based on one of Johanna's drawings. It's so pretty, go take a look!

Abby Glassenberg always has thought provoking and inspiring things to say about the creative process, especially for those who are trying to create a business from what they do. She confronts the idea that we need some sort of perfect studio to really become super creative and applauds the work done simply where we are.

Lastly, Margaret Solomon Gunn has an awesome post on the process behind her latest show quilt, Bouquet Royale. So many wonderful pictures of her gorgeous work. Margaret is one of my quilting heroes and I wish just reading her blog and articles in Machine Quilting Unlimited was enough to pick up some of her meticulous piecing and quilting skills!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Amy, thanks for posting these! These websites are awesome!

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