Of Bindings and Open Window Weather

I'm finishing up the little charity panel quilt I mentioned last week. Simple quilting; mostly following the printed lines. I'm nearly done with the binding, but I'm not sure I made the best choice.

It was the best choice from my stash however. Guess I need to add some red and blue to my stash. This was the first time I've used the even feed foot for my Janome 8200 and it worked like a charm. I do still need to get the optional feet for it, like the 1/4 inch and in-the-ditch feet. The actual bottom part of the foot is interchangeable, unlike my previous machine, the 6600, where I had to buy a whole new foot.

I took the quilt out to the porch to sew the binding down by hand. I could have easily done it by machine, but for some reason I wanted to do it by hand. Maybe it was my subconscious telling me how nice it would be to stitch on my porch while the kids played.

Wonderful dappled sunlight on the porch.

It was even better when I sent the older two in to do dishes while I stitched! I had to wipe down the porch furniture first, since there's pollen on everything.

My sewing room has a window right by my sewing machine table. I enjoy hearing the birds and getting a fresh breeze whenever it's nice enough to open it. But it's a little vexing when it's pollen season. Look what I spied inside my free motion ruler foot! That yellowish stuff isn't fiber from the quilt. It's pollen! It had worked its way into the bobbin area too. It looks like most folks in our area keep their windows closed most of the time, despite how nice the weather is. But I bet they don't have to worry about this pollen on everything.

My little guy has recovered from his Pink Eye and Strep infections. He never got too sick feeling other than his recurring fever that kept him from sleeping well for a few nights, which kept me from sleeping too. Nobody else got sick, which is a miracle considering how contagious Pink Eye is.

Do you have pollen issues where you live? Do you enjoy open windows as much as I do? What do you do when it's pollen season?


  1. I open the windows only for an hour or two while I'm in the room. Dust and vacuum. I'm surrounded by farms, and besides the pollen there are the days when fields are plowed and the very special dust from the chicken manure spread on them. Only for a few days, but these events are not on the same day. Summer, except in the worst heat waves, is when I get to leave windows open for extended hours.

  2. Everything is covered with yellow pollen here right now in the NC mountains. I sniffle, cough, and blow my nose a bunch. Then I try allergy pills which don't help much. And then - it's over - and I'm so happy that it is warm and I'm feeling better! It looks like you are getting ready to do some ruler work on that quilt!

  3. I love open windows and I hate pollen - it's such a dilemma! I have allergies like a lot of others and I get shots once a week that help me a lot. I also use a nasal spray every day. I don't open the windows on windy days but if it's calm outside I do..and suffer the consequences sometimes. :) blessings, marlene