Free Motion Monday: Gimme a "C" Week 4

It's Monday! I've done my C work with a pen this week, since I've been working on a different project on my machine.

I've found that my C's look better when I do a little more backtracking on each end. Below I used red marker to show the parallel foundational lines and the did my C's. Hopefully, then you can see the difference in the amount of backtracking done with the black pen along the foundational lines.

Without backtracking, or very little anyway, the C's have more of a hook/boomerang/banana shape. In fact, those are names for which this shape is called and are useful for other designs.

Here's a comparison pic of both methods. Again, I am so glad that I quilt this better than I draw it, but drawing it is important.

As I shared in Week 1 of "Gimme a C," I wanted to improve my C's so I could use them better when McTavishing. So here's a doodled version of McTavishing, a bit heavy on the C's, just so I could practice.

Next Monday I hope to stitch this out in a real sample. I hope you've had some time to try C's for yourself in the design of your choice. If you've blogged about it, share it below.

In other news, I'm working on a post about my favorite marking tools, since many of you asked about them.

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  1. Nice! I like where you're going with this. the sea of c's. :)

  2. Keep up the informative posts. . I enjoy learning your process that creates such beautiful work.

  3. Amy I love the doodled sample that is heavy on the doodles. It is a slightly different look but very effective!

  4. LOL - I'd need to start a whole cloth to have something to do those Cs - don't see it for baby quilts. What size do you McTavish?