Free Motion Monday: "Gimme a C!" September Week 2

Another Free Motion Monday Quilting Adventure, and I'm working on my "C's". There are certain shapes that so many free motion quilting designs are built on; "C's", circles, "S's", hearts, straight lines. I am determined to get good at them all!

Here's the design I showed from last week. This time in matching thread so every tiny bobble doesn't show. It's getting better. Sort of....

I did some curvy worms or stacked coins depending on whose name for it you use. I'm sure there are a few other names for these "C's" that just stack upon themselves in a free-form way. Then it morphed into some ever increasing paisley.

But where I want to get good with my "C's" is in McTavishing, so that's what I practiced next. I noticed that I needed to practice stitching the "C's" in both directions. Sometimes you need to lead with the convex side, and sometimes you lead with the concave.

The drawing helps to illustrate what I mean. I drew both of these rows starting from the left and working towards the direction shown by the arrow. Leading with the convex side (curving out) as in the bottom row seems to be the easier way for me.

That's all I've got for today. More next week on this design and making "C's". Don't forget to comment on Wednesday's Post, "Who's Got the Button" to get in on my Bernina button giveaway if you are a Bernina user living in the states. I'll announce the winner Wednesday.

Here's the linky if you've bee working on your "C's" and want to show them.

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  1. I love your ideas for MFQ! Thanks!!

  2. Ok, so you have me spoiled!!! :) I take a quick look to find and start the video...did I miss it? I go back over your post - a bit more slowly. Nope, not this week. LOL Do you see what I mean about being spoiled? I needed a shot of reality - thanks. LOL I enjoyed the post even without a video. :)

    1. Can’t have you leaving disappointed. But I’ll have to do the video on another post. Busy, busy…

  3. I think your C's are looking really great. I just took a FMQ over the weekend and while the set-up (in a convention center) wasn't the greatest, I learned a lot. Coupled with your great skills and good instruction, I might just make it yet. Thank you so much for sharing with us your journey!

  4. Thank you for your instructions - I'm learning a lot and getting inspiration for my own free motion quilting projects.

  5. Your C's are just awesome Amy -- thanks for sharing them with us. Lovely, lovely...