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So I am still at my family reunion at a state park with incredible caves and other natural rock formations and the slowest restaurant service ever.

So I thought I'd share some artsy sites that speak to my creative quilty side.

Alex Konahin does some inky magic with detailed drawings first with insects and then other designs that make me think of wholecloth quilt designs.

I love the 'in progress' shots.

More of his work can be found here and there is more visual art to tickle the eyes and imagination on Behance.

Quilting is really a form of line art, some is detailed, like thread painting, some is more to impart texture.

I've shared one of my favorites here before, Johanna Basford, and she write a little on not computerizing her hand drawn artworks, which is a little bit if what I feel about my free motion quilting in a quilt world that is more and more accepting of computerized quilting and embroidery modules that can stitch with precise machine perfection.

Having once balked at the proliferation of machine quilting for several years before I took up my own free motion quilting, I do wonder if I am perfecting my skills for a technique that will also fade away eventually.

I know that for me, I love the freedom of FMQ and know that I won't have the same joy in programming a computer to stitch out even the most amazing designs.

And for more color:

I loved the watercolor effect and colors of these mushroom themed letters.

Eric Hines captures some beautiful colors in his photography.

I hope to share some quilty stuff with you on Friday!

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