Plucking Out Plumes

I'm in the homestretch for finishing the farm quilt and it, rip it. I was free motion quilting my wonderful feathers around one of the corners and I was halfway done and compared it to the opposite corner. Then I remembered that I was supposed to rip out the spine in that spot before I feathered it, as I had changed the spine on the other corner.

free motion feathers gone bad
The spine was to be on the faint line shown by the arrow.

Yep, I had already feathered one side of the misplaced spine! So I'm back to the dreaded frog stitch. Rip it, rip it.....

I had once thought that I'd use the blasted seam ripper less as I got better at quilting, but it seems I use it just as much. Some days it feels like I use it more than before!


  1. Why do we do this to ourselves!!!!!?????!!!!!!!! Total empathy!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry for your! Buth the ripper ... ir our best friend! Lol! A hug!

  3. Sometimes that is my best friend! There are times we all have to rip it.

  4. I have come to think that using the seam ripper is a sign I'm getting better at whatever I'm doing. It's a sign that I think I can do better and make it right. (Greater confidence.) So rip away! I love seeing your work. It inspires me.

  5. But there's a difference in this ripping --- it's not because the stitching itself is bad but because you needed to change the design. I know for me that's a big change from the kind of ripping I did when I started FMQing.