Video: Quilting to Add Color to a Free Motion Quilted Doodle

 Wow! I've gotten so busy lately. Where does the time go? I taught my first official (read: paid) class in free motion quilting and while I may have gotten tongue-tied a time or two (why must bobbin and bottom trip me up so badly?) and my face stayed beet red the entire time, it went well I think. My students were the sweetest group of friends on their annual quilting retreat. For their benefit (and yours) I will be posting a list of my favorite books for free motion quilting no later than Saturday, I promise!

I got the quilting done on one side of my latest purse commission and it's going better than expected.

free motion quilting a flower doodle

I even took a video of me stitching one of the leaves on the other side. It was my first video shot in my new quilting studio and all worked out fine, but I need to find a better position for the camera mount.

A close up shot of one of the flowers.

 Another of a leaf.

A shot of the leaf right after shooting the video.

It's been a good kind of busy at least. I've got the purses to stitch for my wonderful friend and neighbor, two custome quilts to quilt, a special commissioned quilt to make from scratch (Eek!), and a few other irons in the fire.

It's also birthday season here. A birthday every month from September until March, counting the all important to us birthday celebration of Christ. Below is my first-born, Jamie blowing out all of his nine candles! Cake baking is not my forte, so I gladly accept my mother's offer to bring the cake for the kids' parties.

I hope that you've been busy as well, with good things and hopefully some quilty goodness. I'm linking this post with Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday and Leah Day's Free Motion Friday link parties. Go visit and enjoy!


  1. Hello Amy!
    Yes yes yes, a list please with FMQ books! I have been looking for one book ( or more) that has a little more advanced patterns.
    Great video by the way! I could see very clearly what you were doing.
    Congratulations on your (not so little any more ) son,
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  2. Interesting! Do you have the camera hooked onto the machine? Looks like it is moving back and forth:)

    1. The camera is on a flexible metal arm which I accidentally bump from time to time. I’ll post about it soon.

  3. i wish i could not be tongue-tied as well, speaking about bottom line... and bobbins... and it's bothersome!! lol way to go, girl!

  4. Wow, your movements are beautifully controlled, and the flower is gorgeous! The video quality is really good, by the way.

  5. The threadwork is so interesting with the contrasting colors. You are good at the videos girl, nice and clear and easy to understand. Happy birthdays to yours
    LeeAnna Paylor

  6. Loved the video. The design is very nice.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Love your thread choice. It brings the design alive.

  8. Is that a quilting/hopping foot? I see it has a spring on it but it's not being used as the stitches are made. Love your technique/designs. Gorgeous! Hugs......

  9. It really looks great. Congrats on the class well done.

  10. I hope that after a few years of practice, my sitiches look as good and even as yours. The video was very helpful.

  11. In the video the sewing machine was so loud and hard to hear the speaker. The stitching was great.

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