Craftsy Sale

I wrote about Craftsy last week in this post, "What is Craftsy?" and have since then delved into the wealth of online classes offered.

I started off with  Free Classes at Craftsy . First I watched Sewing Machine 911 and then Machine Embroidered Classics. I wanted to see if these would be good classes to refer customers to when I'm working at the local Janome dealer. (Did I mention I'm working one day a week there?) I also wanted to fill in any gaps in my own sewing knowledge and learn more about machine embroidery. These free mini classes certainly did that.

But the class I'm most excited about is Kimmy Brunner's Machine Quilting with Templates. I haven't gotten very far into the class with all the Thanksgiving busy-ness, but I really like it so far. She speaks very conversationally, not with a stilted script and throws in some humor too. And since she's recorded, it's more polished than a live class (or at least that's my assumption, not having taken a live class with Kimmy). I'm learning more about using templates/rulers for quilting. And you know how crazy I am about using rulers to free motion quilt on my stationary sewing machine.

My next class I want to take is the Online Beginning Serging class, as they sell sergers in the shop and I have never used one! Then I want to take some more quilting classes. Fun!

Craftsy has all types of classes. I am thinking of taking one of their photography classes too.

Right now, they are having a sale on all classes until December 2nd! All classes are $19.99 or less!And they are having other sales on fabric and yarn.

It's a great time to sign up for classes at Craftsy. Don't forget that once you sign up for a class, you can watch it instantly or if you're busy now, wait until any time in the future to watch it. And you can view the class as many times as you want!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for posting the info regarding the sale on Craftsy. I have purchased some classes before and the class you mentioned by Kimmy has been on my wish list for sometime. I just purchased it via the link on your site.

    1. Glad to help and doubly glad that me helping you helps me! Thanks!