Free Motion Couching on a Janome Part 3

Back in July of 2011 I wrote several posts on free motion couching, inspired by Leslie at MarveLes Art Studio and the wonderful free motion couching foot she had for her Bernina. Part 1; Part 2. I posted about creating a free motion couching foot for my Janome also, since there was no foot like the Bernina's for my machine.

On Wednesday, I visited a wonderful sewing machine shop that carries Bernina, Janome and Elna machines in Roanoke VA called Alpine Sewing Machine Co. While talking about the kind of sewing I do, the lovely Swiss accented proprieter mentioned the new foot from Janome that allows you to attach yarn or cord in free motion. I jumped on that foot like a starving dog on a ham bone! [Edited to add: Part # 202-110-006 for the high shank models]

I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but I should this weekend. So far my main thought about this foot, which comes with two 'toes' for differing diameters of yarn, is why didn't they make it comaptible with the super-awesome convertible free motion quilting set? Maybe that's in the works?

For more information about free motion couching, go check out the older posts above, and Leslie's blog too. Leslie's most recent post was also about doing some free motion couching.

I'll post my results in the next few days!

[Edited to add:  Janome Free Motion Couching Foot Part 2  and  Janome Free Motion Couching Foot Review Part 3 of 3, plus the videos of Free Motion Couching Foot Review.

PS. A special thank you to Vivian for commenting today on my free motion couching foot 'hack' post and lighting a fire under me to post about this new foot.


  1. Ok, so I have to admit ... I'm jealous! I'm jealous of your creativity! Oh my gosh, lady! I just read your other two posts on your couching foot and all I can say is ... I'm impressed!! You needed something ... it wasn't available ... and you went ahead and found a way to MAKE it!

  2. And thank you because now that I know about the new foot, I can look forward having some embellishment fun (well, as soon as I can get my hands on one)!!

  3. Robin: You are so sweetly encouraging!

    I added the part # to the post above. Thanks for the comments and sharing my adventures!

  4. Thank you for all the nice compliments about our store, ALPINE SEWING MACHINE CO. in Roanoke, VA. I showed the Free Motion Couching Foot during our sewing club last week. Check out our FB page to see more photos.