Free Motion Couching Review Videos

My hubby worked his magic and I've started to upload and edit the videos of my test drive of Janome's new free motion couching foot. This first trial was a bit of a downer. The foot just couldn't couch this finer yarn well. But it gets better when I try a larger yarn.

For a more extensive written review (while having problems getting the videos loaded) see Janome Free Motion Couching Foot Review Part 2.

I decided to test this yarn on my free motion couching foot that I adapted (hacked) from the convertible free motion quilting foot set by Janome.

My foot has a smaller diameter hole for the yarn to pass through, so it did better than the Janome FM couching foot, but this yarn was still too fine to get stitched down well.

Here's the final video in the review of this foot.

In the end, with a larger diameter yarn this foot did much better. As I said in the video, I'd like some changes in the foot, but it enlarges my toolbox (of techniques) and so I like it.


  1. Yeah for hubby! And you are fearless! Maybe you could send your video to Janome and they could see how real sewers in the real world are wanting to use their feet.


  2. The videos are really helpful! I have to write to Janome about a power cord issue and plan to mention the couching foot also. Maybe they'll consider making it a three feet set, adding another one with a smaller hole for the finer threads.

    Again, really appreciated these reviews!